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Hydrotherm Massage
Experience the ultimate in massage for relaxation, regeneration and drift away peacefully. Treating every inch of your body with warm water pressure massage, your tensions and stresses easing away. Assisting in perfect spinal allignment, the number one must have massage you will not be disappointed with. The ultimate out of body experience......

Full Body massage 60 minutes £60.00
Full Body Massage (extended) 75 minutes £65.00
Full Body Ayurvedic Experience 75 minutes £70.00
Pre / post natal massage 75 minutes £60.00
Float Away Back Treatment 45 minutes £50.00

Hot Stone massage (full body)
A very relaxing body treatment commences with a full body exfoliation followed by hot stones for massage. With these black basalt stones from the volcanic area in Java these stones hold energy and help to stimuate the bodys own healing. Precious crystals which are placed on the body's chacras to channel energy. It is known that these precious basalt stones each are equivalent to 10 manual pressure massage movements. This treatment is luxurious and excellent for relaxing tight muscles and gives a sense of wellbeing and aiding with lymphatic drainage. Total indulgence!
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £60.00

The Worker's Tonic
Deep Tissue back, neck and shoulders massage with Hot stones to relieve you from your hard day's work and pressures. An Indian Head Massage is also used to send you into deep relaxation & help you ease away your stiff back, neck and head. relax and unwind with this truly amazing stress relief buster!
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £50.00

Ayurvedic Massage (without hydrotherm)
This treatment begins with a thorough consultation which will determine the specific Indian Oil used. An ancient method of ayurveda; which uses the three humors known as Vata, Pitta & Kapha to bring balance and is used to channel energy and bring harmony to the body and relieve you from stress.
Duration: 75 minutes
Price: £60.00

ayurvedic massage hydrotherm massage ayurvedicoils

Swedish Massage: Full Body
A very relaxing and de-stressing massage - beneficial for your body, mind & soul.
Swedish Massage provides numerous benefits including improved circulation, relaxed muscles and assists the elimination of unwanted toxins from the body.
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £50.00

Aromatherapy massage (full body)
Using essential oils to help you either relax, detoxify, uplift or slim these powerful oils will be able to assist you. A special blend is made up using a relaxing pressure massage. This is good to aid drainage of any toxins, assist on sluggish circulation and also give a sense of wellbeing. Sheer bliss!
Duration: 75 minutes
Price: £50.00

Indian Head Massage
An ancient form of head and shoulder massage that is given while seated and fully clothed. Applying pressure and strokes to the scalp, face, shoulders and arms, Indian Head Massage relieves stress, tension and muscle tightness.
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: £30.00

Therapeutic Facial
Working on your back for a relaxing back massage this will help to relax you before you are turned over for a relaxing facial using pure essential oils for your skin. This is followed by a soothing scalp massage. Unwind with this lovely treatment!
Duration: 75 minutes
Price: £50.00

Aromatic Back Treatment
Deep cleansing & exfoliation with a natural mineral mud masque from the Dead Sea & to finish off with pure essential oils aromatic back massage.
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: £50.00

Full Body polish
Give yourself a revitalising body polish. This treatment aids with the removal of dead skin cells using dead sea salts. This treatment is perfect before going on holiday complete with a firm pressure massage.
Duration: 30 min
Price: £

Back, Neck & Shoulders massage
This treatment is fantastic for tight necks and shoulders. This treatment is good to help release any tension in these areas and can help people who especially sit down alot whilst working.
30 minutes £30.00
With hot stones: £40.00

Body Re-Sculpturing treatment
Working fully on the body or in specific areas, the body re-sculpturing treatment is able to firm, tone and also lift your problem areas. It can work to reduce the sight of cellulite and also stuborn hard fat. It can help to even out your skin tone and texture and help you get your shape back after you've had your baby. Ideal treatment for anyone who is looking to get a nice figure and to tone up. With this treatment, you can have a full fitness workout in just 25 minutes. Works better in a course of 10 to get optimum results. Treatment also includes a massage with specially formulated ingredients to help excelerate the effects.


Arms only. £17.00 per session Course of 10 £170.00
Chest & Abdomen £25.00 per session Course of 10 £250.00
Thighs & Buttocks £25.00 per session Course of 10 £250.00
Full Body Re-Sculpturing £30.00 per session Course of 10 £300.00

Duration of full treatment: 1 Hour.

Body Bronzing:

Laurens Way Tanning: Full Body 1 Hour Development Time.
A wonderful golden-brown glow without the harmful UV rays.
Spray Tan
Price £10.00

Montana Spray Tan: Full Body 1 hr Development Tan
Price £10.00


Full Leg Wax £20.00
Half Leg Wax £15.00
Brazillian wax (strip) £20.00
Bikini Line Wax £10.00
Underarm Wax £8.00
Half Arm Wax £10.00
Full Arm Wax £17.00
Eyebrow Wax £7.00
Lip Wax £5.00
Chin Wax £5.00
Lip & Chin Wax £8.00
Half leg & bikini wax £21.00
Full Leg & Bikini Wax


Full leg & Brazillian £35.00
Half Leg & Brazillian £30.00
Full leg, Bikini, underarm, eyebrow wax (the works) £38.00
Eyebrow, Top Lip & chin £10.00
Back wax £30.00
Chest Wax £25.00
Abdomen wax From £10.00

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