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It's not a magic wand but its close!


This gentle treatment removes dead skin cell effectively with stainless steel diamond heads. The heads are made with miniature diamond grain with different grits for different areas and skin types. There is a vacuum suction to promote cellular renewal & stimulation of collagen & elastin fibres.

The Diamond Peel system is extremely sucessful, focusing and improving texture, and smoothing irregularities for the following complaints:

Fine Lines & wrinkles including delicate areas around the eyes
Sun damaged, uneven and thickened skin
Acne scarring - a safe and effective form of acne treatment
Enlarged pores and dull skin
Congested skin
Stretch mark reduction
An exceptional body treatment

The treatment delivers instant and remarkable results even after just one session (courses are recommended for maximum results). Skin will look radiant and smooth, the latest method of skin resurfacing. Each individual case will vary but with continued treatments you will notice significant changes with your skin looking and feeling firmer, smoother, softer and more radiantly youthful.

If you don't have time to spend for the 60 minute facial why not go for the lunchtime smoothie in only 30 minutes you will have rejuvenated, smoother, glowing and younger looking skin without ANY downtime!


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